Sadhguru's offering during the COVID-19 pandemic: FAQs

“As we stand together to confront the COVID-19 pandemic, it highlights just how vulnerable people with lung diseases & weakened immune systems can be.”   

- Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director General, World Health Organization [1]  

Will Yoga stop me getting COVID-19?

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease, which spreads primarily through droplets of saliva or discharge from the nose when an infected person coughs or sneezes. Older people, and those with underlying medical problems like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease, and cancer are more likely to develop serious illness.  However, we must take note of the fact that young people are increasingly developing severe symptoms. At this time, there are no specific vaccines or treatments for COVID-19. [2]


Yoga cannot reduce the risk of exposure to Coronavirus. However, these tools can help boost your general health, lung capacity and immunity, strengthening your system in case you are exposed to the virus.


"Health is not just being disease-free. Health is when every cell in your body is bouncing with life."

  - Sadhguru 

How long do the practices take?

The shortest practices take under 5 minutes to do, so it is very easy to incorporate them, even into a busy working day. 


If you want to gain more benefit from Yoga, you can put a number of practices together to create a longer sequence of up to 2 hours, and can also practice several times a day. 

Do I need any special equipment or preparation?

These practices are very adaptable, and can be done anywhere. It is best if you can dedicate time to the practices when you will not be interrupted. 

How challenging are the practices?

The practices are very safe and simple and don't need any previous experience. If you feel pain or discomfort while doing a practice, please stop and watch the demonstration and instructions again, carefully. If you have existing health conditions, please consult your doctor. 

What age groups can do Yoga?

Sadhguru teaches different Yoga practices to different age groups. For these practices, the following guidelines apply:

Simha Kriya: Can be practiced safely by all ages, but those under 6 or over 70 should do the modified version, doing the breathing 12 times only (not 21 times).

Upa Yoga: age 7 and above.

Isha Kriya: age 12 and above.

Can pregnant women do the practices?

Generally, yes. Pregnant ladies in their 3rd or 4th month should avoid practicing Yoga Namaskar (part of Upa Yoga). This guideline is given before the demonstration, in the video. 

How can I teach other people these practices?

You can share the Sadhguru App details, video or web page links freely with others. To share with more people, you can show the videos via a computer monitor or set up a projector in a hall or conference room. 

Is Yoga a religion?

These practices can be done by anyone. They are based on a scientific understanding of how the human system works, and don't require any belief. Sadhguru's Yoga techniques are practiced around the world, in a wide variety of cultural settings. Isha has more than 150 city-based centres, spread over 5 regions worldwide, including China, Africa and the Middle East. [5]

How effective are the practices?

Please see the separate page with case studies and testimonials. 

The short practices are great. Is there a longer programme I can do online?

Sadhguru has designed Inner Engineering Online as a technology to improve physical health, enhance mental stability, and promote spiritual well-being. Derived from the science of Yoga, the program can establish and strengthen the inner foundation necessary to support your professional efforts and provide balance in your personal life during these challenging times.


Inner Engineering Online is comprised of seven 90-minute sessions that you follow at your own pace, online. This programme is currently being offered at half price to the public, and for FREE to healthcare workers.  


The programme is available in English, Russian, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Marathi.


Is anything special being done to support health professionals?

In thanks to all the healthcare providers, who are on the front lines in the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic, Inner Engineering Online (described above) is currently being offered for FREE. The payment option can be bypassed by entering $0 when it appears on the program screen.

Some people are already thought to have developed immunity to COVID-19. Are the practices relevant to them?

"The virus has made all of us more conscious about our health. If we establish a conscious way of living, being healthy is a natural consequence. Let’s commit to staying healthy and keeping people around us healthy." - Sadhguru


Apart from the health consequences of the virus itself, there are many associated consequences of this situation, such as people spending more sedentary time, with reduced options for sport and fitness. Stress and tension can easily accumulate in the neck and shoulders, as people spend an increased amount of time on computers and other devices. Unchecked, this tension can leak out onto the other family members sharing the same space.


WHO advises getting regular movement, and suggests Yoga as one effective means of doing this. [3]


The Inter-Agency Standing Committee [IASC] recommends a ‘whole of society’ approach, which means addressing the mental health and psychosocial support] needs of the entire affected population regardless of their direct or indirect contact with the virus.  


MHPSS activities that are applicable to all members of society include: promotion of self-care strategies, such as breathing or other cultural practices. [4] 


We are all experiencing dramatic changes to our daily lives.  The flexibility that Yoga brings is more than physical flexibility. It can be a tremendous support when lifestyle changes are required  - or desired. 

Are there any special foods that can help with immunity?

Yes. Please click the link below for more information about how food can support immunity.

Why aren't all of Sadhguru's practice available for free online?

Yogic practices have the power to transform your life if done properly, so it generally takes years of training to ensure they are imparted in the right way.


It is essential that online Yoga programmes only include those practices which are safe for everyone. Only someone with a complete understanding of the human system can make this judgement, thereby potentially taking responsibility for the safety of millions.

It is out of care for your well-being that Sadhguru's advanced practices are taught in a live setting, in a committed atmosphere.

  • Online classes cannot have the committed atmosphere necessary for the transmission of advanced Yoga practices. Participants may join part way through, leave before the end, or distractions may interrupt a subtle process once it has started.
  • In an online situation, the teacher cannot connect in the same way as with an in person situation (e.g. they can’t see clearly what all the participants are doing)
  • There is a tendency for people to think that if Yoga is beneficial, the more advanced practices will have greater benefits. They may skip the preparations and basic practices and jump straight in to advanced practices. Without first creating balance and stability, advanced practices can cause harm.

The practices which Sadhguru makes available online are perfectly safe, when the instructions are followed attentively. Once the situation allows, Isha Hatha Yoga Teachers around the world are available to help you deepen your practice.


Sadhguru addresses this question in a number of places, and highlights some of the dangers of improper teaching methods. 

For the link below, please see the section 29.40 – 37.30 minutes. 





4] Briefing note on addressing mental health and psychosocial aspects of COVID-19 OutbreakVersion 1.0, IASC Reference group for Mental Health and Psychosocial Support in Emergency Settings, Feb 2020