Yoga in Challenging Times: Testimonials

[Obviously, this photo wasn't taken during the time of social distancing! It's to illustrate the joy and playfulness of the Isha Hatha Yoga Teachers in Europe. This was taken in Lithuania, at our 2017 upgrade.]

"Challenging times are not necessarily a calamity. These are times when human beings have to rise beyond their limitations and ride these challenges to become a glorious generation."

As Sadhguru has said, these challenging times can be used to focus on ourselves. He has guided us to try to improve each week, so that we increase our competence, health, balance, flexibility and so on by 10% per week of lockdown, so that we emerge from this situation much more capable.  

Here are some stories of people who have used Yoga as a tool to enhance themselves.  

I hope they will excite and inspire you!


I also welcome your own stories, and will happily add them here.