Home bound with kids and Isha Yoga in times of Corona

When I got my first child, I noticed that I would become annoyed and upset very easily. I recalled how peaceful and balanced I had been when I was living alone. Later I realized it's not that I was more balanced. It's just that there was no one to press certain "buttons" in me.


Now home bound in times of corona with two kids, the buttons unavoidably got hit repeatedly. I know it will be challenging. But now I am a different person as well, equipped with all the Isha Yoga tools that I practice daily.


So I was quite confident I could manage the situation well. It worked quite well indeed at the very beginning. Kids found the home school novel and fun and mostly willing to cooperate. I was giving my best after 3 hours of morning Sadhana that would give me enough energy, stability and joy to carry through the whole day.


But soon the routine set in. I found it gradually challenging to keep my patience in many situations (mostly minor things of course;-). Once someone asked Sadhguru how many hours of yoga one should practice. Sadhguru said "24 hours". I realized now it's the time to intensify the "off the mat yoga".


After that, when I clean the toilet I remind myself to be 100% involved (believe me i really don't like cleaning:-); when kids turn the room that I just tidied up into a big chaos within a few minutes, I chant brahmananda swarupa; when kids refuse to do the homework that was due the week before, I practice the breath watching. And when I am tired and hungry, it's the best time to do Shooya Meditation.


Like that I started to fill my daily life with various Isha practices. And the result was amazing! All these practices lead to a more quite and much clearer mind which again leads to more stability. I am so grateful that Isha provides me with so many different tools that everyone can actually tailormade to their own needs and benefit from them.


Another thing that I have benefited from the corona curfew is that I got to learn to be more playful. Growing up in China, in a culture where playing is seen more as wasting time, I have learned (and got used to) do only useful things in my life, thus naturally ended up being one of those what Sadhguru referred to as "deadly serious people". I have been wanting to change this, but don't know where to start.


Now spending so much time with kids who are the role models for being playful and live in the moment, if you are not like them, as a parent you would really suffer;) So I chose to be playful, at least try. I started to do "useless things" with them, put the lego car parts together to create monsters, turn socks into lovely dolls, jump with them on bed, pillow fighting, screaming... The experience was - it's not that bad at all! I enjoyed being a child again.


Thanks to Isha Tools and my kids I will be definitely coming out of Corona time being more stable and playful. By the way, my girl friend warned me yesterday "don't manage the home school situation too well, because they might not want to go back to school again.”


Sharing from an Isha Hatha Yoga Teacher in Germany