Countryside bliss

I started my confinement in France on the 17th of March and only went food shopping on the 28th of March and the 16th of April and this was not out of fear for myself as much as fear for others as the news is that one can be carrying the virus without showing any symptoms. (I felt that this is the only action I can take in the current circumstances). 


Living alone in a house at the countryside has been a bliss .. I can’t be grateful enough.. and having the weather we have been having only made my practice so easy (in winter I used to struggle finding the right time when my muscles are not that cold so as to be motivated). So yes, since the confinement, I have been doing an hour and a half of practice. 


The practice is becoming more and more light .. more and more something that I would miss if I don’t do .. if I may say an encounter with Sadhguru and his teachings. I sometimes remember what Michelle once told me “do it as an offering”  


I consider myself a very fortunate person having Isha practices in my life because I now can look at the outside and decide how it will affect me because every day I remember what Sadhguru says “the outside will never be 100% your way” 


I end my story by thanking Michelle and my friends through Isha for their stories and say again that we are among the few fortunate ones in this universe having found a path with its tools that would make us go though life with a smile. Stay safe and keep smiling 


Booran (One of Michelle's participants)