Inside, I'm Dancing

8th April


One summer, I saw a film called “Inside, I’m dancing”, about two young men, one of whom had cerebral palsy and the other, suffering from muscular dystrophy, could move only his right hand.


The line from which the movie takes its title is said when the two young men go to a nightclub. Both wheelchair-bound, someone asks why they’re on the dance floor. The response is one of the most powerful lines I’ve seen in a film: “Inside, I’m Dancing!”


This is how I feel now!! I’m working intensely, sitting still, but exuberant, excited and full of life! As my circumstances require me to be still and steady, I can do that. But that doesn’t mean I have to be dull.


I can create my own emotions, and right now, they’re so jubilant that I’m dancing!


Michelle Mayes