Today is not a rehearsal for tomorrow

Monday 13th April


You don't have all the ingredients needed for the recipe, but the ones you do have will go to waste if you don't use them somehow.

Nor do you have all the tools you really should. For example, they should have cooled on a wire rack.


So, you have to decide, do you give it your 100% or not?


I could say that today, I gave my 200%.


I'm not someone who normally bakes. In fact, I never bake!


Most of my meals during peace time (to continue the analogy all the politicians are using) are super quick to make. I basically peel, chop, mix - and READY! Meals take 5 to 10 minutes to prepare; and are easy and delicious.


Now, in these circumstances, I'm being asked to stay home. So, I decided to: - Stay Home. [This is clearly not the obvious choice for many! ]

I'm moving on from the easy meals, because there are no vegetables left in my fridge, apart from half an aloe leaf. So, I'm sprouting and cooking. It's slow and needs a lot of imagination.


I'm trying new things. The first attempt of these guys went completely wrong, because (novice that I am), I hadn't got the mixture right, and they just didn't stick together.


So, I had to empty the whole thing out and recycle the ingredients, adding a few key items.


What have I learnt?


You always have a choice:

- You can quit.

- You can break the rules.

- You can do your best.

- You can do your best twice over.


It still might not work out quite right.



Today is not a rehearsal for tomorrow.



might bring a completely different set of ingredients

- and restrictions.


How will you face it?


Will you use the tools you have,

perhaps in some ingenious ways

or complain that you don't have the right tools?


Will you wake up tomorrow knowing you did all you could today?


Even if it's not what you really hoped for.

Even if it's not what you thought you could manage.

Even if plenty of people could have done a whole lot better

in the same situation.


What you do today

will nourish you tomorrow

and your actions may nourish or neglect so many others.



is best practiced off the mat.


The flexibility

The breaking of limitations

The longing to be one

with everyone and everything -

If THAT drives us,

Tomorrow will be better than today  


Michelle Mayes