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Online programme: Eat like a Yogi !

How to fuel your body better without spending more money or more time in the kitchen


• Do you want to eat in way that boosts your energy levels, increases your flexibility and enhances your immunity?

• Do you want to joyfully and quickly prepare nourishing meals?

• Do you want to be in tune with nature?


Join “Eat like a Yogi!” - a two-part live interactive online programme, where you will learn the Yogic approach to food, and discover that eating well doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. The sessions are informed and inspired by Sadhguru.



Saturday July 18th & 25th

10am Geneva time (9am London / 11am Moscow / 12pm Dubai)

Each session will last approximately 75 minutes and will cover different aspects of the Yogic approach to food.

To find the time in other parts of the world, please go to: https://www.worldtimebuddy.com/



1 session: 14 chf / 13 euros

2 sessions: 28chf / 26 euros includes bonus eBook and 100+ delicious recipes!

Online programme: Upgrade Yourself

"Whatever work needs to be done, whatever opportunity comes your way, whatever you have to share – this is the time, not tomorrow."  Sadhguru

Challenging times don’t have to become a disaster. Yoga can support both your physical health and emotional stability. Make use of it.


To support you through these challenging times, I offer an online programme: "Upgrade Yourself."

Many people find challenges draining. Our energy comes from 3 sources: food, breathing and rest. You can learn how to enhance each of these and create a vibrant energy system and a stronger immune system, which will make you much more resilient to physical and psychological challenges.


The “Upgrade Yourself” programme offers essential tools from a profound science, in a way that is accessible for modern people with busy schedules. The practices offered can be done almost anywhere and provide you with a personal “tool kit” that you can access whenever you need it. 

The practices

  • Stem from a scientific understanding of the human system: body, thoughts, emotions and energy
  • Include physical movements, conscious breathing techniques and meditation
  • Can boost the immune system, activate the neurological system and increase lung capacity
  • Can build clarity, flexibility and balance
  • Are simple and safe to learn
  • Are effective across age ranges
  • Are suitable for different levels of personal fitness
  • Each take only 5 to 25 minutes to do

The source

Considered among India’s 50 most influential people, Sadhguru is a sought-after speaker and advisor by leaders worldwide.  He is a frequent guest-speaker at the World Economic Forum, Davos and leading universities across the world. He last visited the United Nations, Geneva, in June 2019, where he had an in-depth conversation about global health, innovation, economy and inclusiveness with Dr. Soumya Swaminathan, Chief Scientist, WHO, and Mr. Francis Gurry, DG, WIPO. 


During the COVID-19 pandemic, Sadhguru has been consulted by government ministers, university deans and business leaders as well as the healthcare sector. He is estimated to have touched the lives of 1 billion people worldwide.

"Yoga is about rising to a new level of balance and competence in all aspects of life."                  - Sadhguru

Participant Testimonial

“Yoga has been a wonderful, wonderful pillar for me to keep my strength, my open mind and my capacity to adapt and create in the changing circumstances.


I have become more aware of my response to situations, to people’s inputs and it is as if I could observe from a certain distance how I respond to requests, to pressure, to what is expected, and it is as if you are taking a step back and therefore you can respond with more clarity, with more efficient performance.


I can feel that I am getting a lot more satisfaction in what I am doing, with more creativity - finding solutions, where perhaps before one could only see a more problematic situation. So, in general, a lighter way of being.”


Francesca Toso, Senior Advisor, International Organization, Geneva

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