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Chemin du Joli-Bois 3, Chambésy, Geneva


Nestled in among the trees at the edge of a small forest, and opposite some allotments, you will find a highly energized space for transformation.


This is the only yoga studio in Switzerland which is dedicated solely for the teaching of Isha practices. It has a form of AdiYogi (the First Yogi) which was consecrated by Sadhguru. This makes it an especially conducive place for learning and practicing yoga. 

By public transport, you can come to stop "Machéry" by bus 20, which goes from Place Neuve past the train station and Nations, and stops 3 minutes' walk away. Bus 53 is another option.  


If you're coming by car, please don't just set yor GPS for chemin du joli-bois 3, as you need to follow the green arrow on the map below, down chemin de Machéry, to arrive via the car park.


Please allow a little extra time on your first visit, to ensure we can start the programme on time. You may come to the venue up to 30 minutes before the start of the session, and just allow your system to settle. 


The main doors (the building is marked Geneva Squash Club) will be open. The building has changing rooms and showers. It is receommended to take a cool shower before practicing yoga, so please take advantage of the facilities :) The yoga room is upstairs.

Special setup for the Festival of Navratri - the celebration of the feminine aspect of the divine.

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