The investment I make in you

The yoga I teach comes from Sadhguru. What he stresses as the most fundamental aspects of teachers is our integrity and our commitment to our own practices.


You expect a surgeon who’s going to cut you open to have very clean hands, don’t you? With classical yoga, we can facilitate changes at the very core of who you are, and so we also need to keep working on ourselves, so that we are offering yoga to you in the purest possible way.


With this in mind, since the teacher training, which was 1,750 hours of contact time, in the Isha Yoga Centre, in southern India, I have attended each of the annual teacher upgrades in Europe, and an extra upgrade in India. These involve a week of committed yoga practice and advanced training to improve our teaching skills.


I generally spend around a month in India, doing yoga, volunteering and deepening my own practice. I have participated in the most advanced Isha Yoga programme, and gone to Kailash. Yoga is a subjective science, and the more I invest in my own practice, the more profoundly you will receive it.


When you come to a programme, what we want is to equip you to be able to integrate the practice into your daily life. Every care is taken to make that possible for you. That might involve several hours of preparing the room to create a conducive atmosphere. It means finding out a little about you before the programme, to ensure the practices will be appropriate, and to recommend what further programmes will be beneficial for you. These are just some examples.


Commitment and investment is not just something that I ask of you. It’s something I offer to you, because that’s the way to make deep and long-lasting changes in your life. 


Investing in your future


Recommend a friend

Receive one free review session for each friend who registers for Angamardana Complete programme, Surya Kriya or Yogasanas. 


Buy a wellbeing package

Pay in advance for 2 programmes to receive a 15% discount on the second programme (the one with the lower investment).

Pay for 3 programmes together and receive a 25% discount on the 3rd programme (the lowest investment).

Offer valid for Bhuta Shuddhi, Jala Neti, Angamardana Complete programme, Surya Kriya, Yogasanas or Yoga for Families.


Come as a family

Two or more people from the same household registering for the same programme: second (and third) person receives a 10% discount.


Yes, you can use both discounts together, and get a whopping 35% reduction!



To ensure yoga remains accessible for everyone, we will also continue to offer exchanges of time and skills to offset the financial investment, for those who need to make use of that. This can be negotiated on an individual basis. Please don’t feel shy to request support if you need it. 

Investment amounts

FREE programmes

Leadership Beyond the Leader

Karma: Your Own Making

Sannidhi Guru Pooja

Light programmes

Introduction to Meditation (2 hour session): 35 CHF


Stretch and Destress (1.5 - 2 hour session): 35 CHF 


Strong and Supple Spine (1.5 - 2 hour session): 35 CHF 


Mantra Yoga plus Bhakti Sadhana (1.5 hours): 25 CHF

Explore Deeper Dimensions



Angamardana Lying Down Processes (1.5 hours): 75 CHF, Unwaged 40

Angamardana Standing Processes (2 hours): 100 CHF, Unwaged 50

Angamardana Squatting and Sitting Processes (2 hours): 100 CHF, Unwaged 50

Studio Angamardana (all the above = 5.5 hours): 250 CHF, Unwaged 125 [a 10% reduction on attending each section separately] 

Angamardana review and closing practices (2 hours): 100 CHF Unwaged 50

Studio Angamardana plus review and closing practices (7.5 hours): 315 CHF, Unwaged 170 [a 10% reduction on attending the sessions separately] 


Surya Kriya

Surya Kriya (10 hours): 495 CHF unwaged 245

Surya Kriya Review and Corrections (2 hours): 100 CHF unwaged 50

Surya Kriya plus Review and Corrections (12 hours): 585 CHF [a 10% reduction on attending each section separately] unwaged 265


Yogasanas (12 hours) 585 CHF,  Unwaged 295 CHF


Jala Neti (includes copper Neti Pot designed by Sadhguru): 120 CHF


Bhuta Shuddhi (includes kit plus 3 months’ supply of consumables): 175 CHF 




Long-Term Support

We are looking into opening an option whereby you can secure a place in a programme, a number of review sessions and a number of private interactions with the teacher, which can be used over a period of 3, 6 or 9 months. This is to help those who need more support committing to the practices regularly, or to those who are new to yoga and need more time to absorb the information.


Please let us know if that option is interesting to you, as it will help us to structure the programmes.  

Registration process

Once you have chosen the programme you would like to attend, please register your interest by clicking on the link. 

The health details you give in your registration form may indicate that a practice may not be appropriate for you, or could help us to guide you about practices that could be supportive for your particular situation. 

Once we have confirmed that you are eligible for the programme, you can pay via bank transfer to reserve your place. Details below. No need to write any message. We will reserve your space upon receipt of a screen shot of the transfer.


Account holder: Michelle Mayes

Bank: BCGE

IBAN: CH25 0078 8000 0502 8177 9

Address: 9 rue du 18 Aout, Gaillard, France