wellbeing in the workplace


For the corporate setting, we offer methods to to address diverse needs in the workplace, ranging from ways to reduce stress, increase your health and vitality, increase productivity and build a stronger vision for the future. Our offer consists of:

  • scientific practices
  • bespoke programmes
  • effective teaching structure
  • diet and lifestyle coaching
  • follow-up and support

Programme length can be adapted to your needs. We can offer simple practices in a single session of 1.5 hours, take a group through a half day programme, offer a series of weekly sessions or take a group away for a retreat to give enable them to experience wellbeing for a full 2-3 days.


What we offer has the capacity to change your life. We will give you tools so you become capable of doing the practices alone, without a teacher present. Investing time in learning will add value to your professional life, your physical health, your personal wellbeing and your interaction with others. As long as you maintain the practices, the benefits will multiply.