Review of 2017

Some of the highlights of 2017:

- Consecration of the Yogeshwar Linga at the Isha Ashram in India

- Mahashivratri with a million people at the Isha Ashram in India

- Teaching yoga on the beach in Costa Rica

- Leading the International Day of Yoga celebrations for the Indian Embassy in Bern

- Teaching at the World International Property Organization in Geneva,

   as part of the Permanent Mission of India’s celebrations in Geneva

- Published feature article on yoga in the magazine “UN Special”

- Recommendation for the Prime Minister’s Award for Yoga

- Volunteering at Isha Foundation programmes and events

- Deepening my yoga practice and enhancing my teaching skills during the Hatha Yoga Teachers’ Upgrade

- Working alongside and sharing with other teachers and volunteers

- Doing my daily practices in a consecrated space and experiencing Sadhguru’s grace on a daily basis


Many many thanks to the people who have supported me throughout the year: friends and family, Isha meditators, other Isha Hatha Yoga teachers, participants, partners and wellwishers!


Please join with me to bring about a huge transformation in 2018! Through yoga we can enhance our own lives and the lives of our entire communities.


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