Hatha Bliss

Hatha bliss

I actually wrote this some time back, but I would like to share it again here today. It’s just been published in the Isha Hatha Yoga magazine, Align. Also, my practices this evening were very similar to the description.


Again today, I put teaching above my own needs, and was rewarded so much! From start to finish, the experience was wonderful. Surya Kriya is a practice which gradually gets longer as you improve. Today, my Surya Kriya was 3 minutes longer than average, which is a significant difference. And it felt SO good!


Had I been lacking in motivation, for sure, this would have rekindled it! 

Just coming to a soft landing after several hours of Hata Bliss. Sadhguru says that the universe will not yield to you. You yourself have to yield

completely. Only then things open up for you. I’ve had this sensation many times now after teaching. When I manage to completely put aside my own concerns, wishes, desires, and offer myself to those who want to learn, I find that my own practices take on a different dimension altogether.


Today, I wasn’t teaching, but having spent most of the week facing logistical and other obstacles regarding future courses, just before starting my practices, I just took an attitude of submission and surrender, deciding to simply offer the absolute best I can to those people with a desire to learn, whatever impact that has on me.


Then, my asanas were simply incredible! Again, to quote Sadhguru, he says that a lot of the practices are about becoming more permeable, until we can exist without any kind of shell at all, and simply be a “presence”. So, it felt like in setting aside my own needs/compulsions, I became available to the universe.


It literally felt like I didn’t have a solid boundary, but like it was spongy. It wasn’t that I felt like I was “falling in love”, but falling INTO love, immersed in it! Soaking it all up. It was coming from everywhere, and loving me, letting me absorb it.


Placing the top of my head on the ground in baddha konasana at the end was really so gentle and soft, so effortless. It was as though I was simply kneeling to receive the touch of my master in blessing. 



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